25 April 2017

How to Deal with Loneliness and Long Distance Relationshios

cupcakes for Laura

Loneliness and long distance relationships can be hard on the heart even with the internet being able to connect us to loved ones all over the world at the click of a button the distance and lack of physical contact can sometimes make us feel lonelier than ever. Being a "halfie" (Thai/British) I've always been half a world away from the people I care about and although I'm kinda used to it I still get moments of loneliness but over the years I've found it much easier to deal with so here are a few ways I deal with those long distance relationships.

Now we have the internet and smartphones we can be connected to our loved ones at any given moment be it through social media, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk etc. I talk to my friends and family almost every day and I love it because there was a time I'd go months without talking to anyone but now I can see their faces whenever I want via video chat and we can send each other all sorts of silly memes and selfies to cheer each other up.

♥ooooh pinky cloud, i love you ana♥
Care Packages
I love treating my friends and family and who doesn't love getting presents? Care packages and letters are a sweet way to keep in touch with loved ones and show them you're thinking about them and receiving them can make you feel even better. Care packages can also be a reminder of home if you're living abroad or even a glimpse into life in another country if your loved ones are living far away.

Solo Dates
Learning to enjoy your own company is one of the best things you can do for yourself and one of the things I like to do if I'm feeling down is take myself out to a cute coffee shop and treat myself. It might sound strange especially when you're surrounded by couples but spending time alone with a good book or some music and just watching the world go by can be a great mood booster especially if there's cake, cake always helps!

Physical activity can boost endorphins therefore giving you an instant mood booster so it's a good thing to do for yourself and of course you want to stay healthy for the next time you see your loved ones so taking up some sort of sport can be beneficial all round, staying in bed and moping does no good for anyone so get up, get out there and do something!

Love & Cuddles

18 April 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #1: Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Whenever I'm feeling a bit restless or down I go out and treat myself to coffee and cake at one of the many amazing cafes here in Thailand. Chiang Mai is heaven for coffee lovers, not only are there many coffee shops and stalls, they even grow coffee here so you can be sure you're getting the freshest cup there is!

Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Today I visited a cafe called Cheevit Cheeva which is popular because of its calming atmosphere (it's right next to a spa) and its desserts. I heard the Bingsu is really good here but it was way too big for me to eat alone so I opted for a slice of the red velvet cake instead which came garnished with dried cranberries and gave a nice tartness to the sweetness of the cake. I got myself an iced Americano which had a subtle sweetness to it despite the fact it contained no sugar and they added a slice of orange to it to which is something I've never seen before but luckily I'm a fan of orange flavoured things so it added a tasty interesting touch.

Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

วันนี้ไปร้านชื่อชีวิตชีวา คนชอบไปเที่ยวร้านมี้เพราะว่าติดกับสปาแล้วมีอารมณ์ดีและขนมอร่อยมากๆ ฉันได้ยินว่าบิงซูที่ร้านมี้อร่อยที่สุดแต่ฉันไม่เคยกินเพราะว่าบิงซูใหญ่เกินไปกินคนเดียว กินเค้กดีกว่า เค้กนี้หวานแต่ใส่ลูกแครนเบอร์รี่เปรี้ยวนิดๆ สั่งอเมริกาโน่มาไม่ใส่นำ้ตาลแต่หวานน้อย มีชิ้นส้มด้วย ฉันไม่เคยเห็นกาแฟแบบนี้แต่ฉันชอบรสส้ม รสนี้น่าสนใจและอร่อยด้วย

 What's your favourite coffee and cake combo?
Love & Cookies

Psssst if you want to see more awesome cafes from around the world you can click the button below & buy me a coffee

12 April 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching and Loving!

Best Friends

Time again to share with you some of the Asian dramas I've been watching and loving lately. I have to say I've been watching some really good ones lately especially from Korea and I've almost entirely abandoned some of the western series I used to watch! So if you're looking for a break away from the usually TV schedule here are just a few Asian series for you to check out...

เสิร์ฟรักล้นใจให้ยัยตัวแสบ & ทฤษฎีป่วนหัวใจให้ปิ๊งรัก
U-Prince is making the list again and this time I'm recommending two series as they're only four episodes each, The Badass Baker AKA Dash and The Absolute Economist AKA Teddy, I will admit T-Rex is still my fave "prince" and probably will always be but these two boys are just as handsome and sweet but what I liked most about these two more than the previous U-Prince series I've watched is the female leads who we're just as funny and charming as the boys, they were actual fully formed characters in themselves with their own stories and problems rather than just a romantic plot device for the male lead in fact I think I actually preferred watching Chompink more than Teddy!

This is a Taiwanese drama about a boy who is lost in the mountains and raised by wolves who then falls in love with a girl and tries to adjust to life back in the human world. Pretty much as soon as I saw wolf in the title I knew I had to watch it even though the wolves are big, cuddly, adorable Malamutes but they're one of my favourite dogs so I won't complain. The lead actors of this series are so cute and I really found myself rooting for them and their families to, everyone was just so incredibly sweet in this drama it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Goblin definitely filled the hole that Legend of the Blue Sea left when it finished although both aired in Korea at the same time this drama became the second most highest rated drama in Korean TV history and it totally deserves it to! Goblin is about an immortal Goblin who lives with a Grim Reaper and falls in love with a girl who can see Ghosts, I don't want to go into the plot too much because y'all need to watch this because it's just so beautiful in every way. I loved these characters so much and seeing the mythology and history of their past lives and how it affected their present and future lives (much like Legend of the Blue Sea) was so interesting to watch, there were so many cute, funny moments but then as with most KDramas you get hit like a truck in the feels so make sure you have some tissues when you watch this.

This slice of life drama set in an old fashioned sweet shop in Japan is really heartwarming. The drama centers around Taro who lives with his grandmother who owns a sweet shop and spends most of his days hanging out with his neighbourhood friends thinking about the future and reminiscing about their childhood days. Although the drama isn't especially exciting and there's not much action (each episode is only 20 minutes long) it really filled me with a sense of nostalgia probably because I'm at the same stage in life as these characters where I'm am adult and have to deal with adult life but want to keep a sense of my childhood despite the harsh realities of the world. This is one of those dramas that's just nice to kick back and relax to after a stressful day because it's such an easy watch and although there are some very strange and sad moments it does leave you with a sense of hope.

Doctor Oh Yeon-Joo's father mysteriously goes missing after completing the latest chapter of his webtoon and while searching his office for clues Oh Yeon-Joo get's dragged into the world of the webtoon by it's dying main character Kang Cheol in order to save him. THIS drama is AMAZING the plot is really unique compared to most other Asian dramas, yes it's romance but there's a lot of mystery and supernatural elements to which I really loved and it's done in such a interesting, stylish way. I have never binge watched a series so quickly it sucked me in right from the start (pun intended) and is definitely one of the best Asian dramas I've ever watched.

Love & Ice Coffee

04 April 2017

Korean Beauty Haul & Review Part 2 (The Face Shop, It's Skin, Pokemon, Innisfree)

If you watched my last Korean beauty haul video you'll know I had even more products I wanted to share with you all, although most of my skincare and make-up is from Etude House there are many other Korean brands I love to so here's a video showing the rest of the items I bought whilst I was in Bangkok and of course all the amazing freebies they give me.

I've listed all the products I've mentioned down below if you want to find out more about them or purchase them and if you do buy from any of the affiliate links below I get a small commission which really helps me out. I'll be putting myself on a beauty ban now because I have soooo many products I want to use up and try out before I stock up on any more, so this will most likely be my last beauty haul for a while but please do let me know what you're favourite Asian beauty products are and some of the interesting ones you'd like to try out.

 Products Mentioned 

The Face Shop

*Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Essence - http://amzn.to/2kxq2sz
*Real Nature Lemon Citron Sheet Mask - http://amzn.to/2l7TpUc
* Disney Mike Wazowski CC Long Lasting Cushion - http://amzn.to/2l7YrQB
* Disney Winnie the Pooh CC Cooling Cushion - http://amzn.to/2kJJGCN
* Disney Mickey Mouse BB Power Perfection - http://amzn.to/2l83cd5
* CC Ultra Moist Cushion - http://amzn.to/2kx79X2
Kakao Friends Melting Color Lip Creamer 11 Twinkle Neo - http://bit.ly/2lP9E7Q
White Seed Discovery Kit - http://bit.ly/2kJX49W

It's Skin

*Power 10 Formula PO Effector - http://amzn.to/2kStgur
GOT7 Jackson Honey Mask Sheet - http://bit.ly/2lPatyt

Cathy Doll

Pokemon Cushion Blusher - http://bit.ly/2kStLoa & http://bit.ly/2lKHqPI


*Orchid Eye Cream - http://amzn.to/2kxLqOu
*Green Tea Seed Serum - http://amzn.to/2ljBj3M
*Green Tea Moisture Essence - http://amzn.to/2kK5zSu
*Green Tea Moisture Cream - http://amzn.to/2kK4Ctr
*Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil - http://amzn.to/2kSUHnS
*Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Foam - http://amzn.to/2ljPyWe
*Green Tea Seed Cream - http://amzn.to/2kxIDow
*Olive Real cleansing Foam - http://amzn.to/2ljNQnP
*Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam - http://amzn.to/2kSUroG
*Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask - http://amzn.to/2l8f8eR
Perfect 9 Repair Special Kit - http://bit.ly/2lQZTq0
*Jeju Lava Seawater Mist - http://amzn.to/2kT3m9P
*Orchid Enriched Cream - http://amzn.to/2kK7ZR4
*Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - http://amzn.to/2kSZ6He
*Aloe Revital Soothing Gel - http://amzn.to/2kxQhiG
*It's Real Squeeze Sheet Mask - http://amzn.to/2kSVJQy
(*Contains affiliate links)

Thanks for watching & let me know what videos you'd like me to make
Love & Lipstick

31 March 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (March 2017)

[51/365]  new specimen

Summer has come to Thailand and it is ridiculously hot here, so hot I haven't hardly wanted to do anything! I'll be going back to Bangkok for a couple weeks soon to celebrate Thai New Year with the family so I'm looking forward to that although the weather will undoubtedly be even hotter there so I better keep myself hydrated. Whatever the weather is where you are I hope you stay happy, healthy and hydrated to.

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Love & Udon

24 March 2017

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Droids

Happy Fandom Friday!! This week's topic suggested by Ravalation I just had to write about. I've always been fascinated by robots and artificial intelligence ever since I was a kid and it's one of my favourite subjects to watch but I wanted to challenge myself a little for this prompt and try and be a little diverse as I probably could have gone the obvious route and listed 5 droids from Star Wars alone so I tried to include some slightly unusual choices from a few different genres just to keep it fresh this time. If you still have no idea what 5 Fandom Friday is then head on over to the Geek Girl Bloggers group or visit creator The Nerdy Girlie's blog to see what it's all about and join in.

I love Wall-E so much, it doesn't matter how many times I watch this movie it always makes me smile. I know I've mentioned Wall-E so many times in my past 5 Fandom Friday posts but he's just so cute and sweet, whenever I'm feeling a little bit down I always turn to Wall-E to make me smile he's just the best little robot ever!

Roy Batty
Blade Runner is my favourite movie and every time I watch it I always see something new, although there are so many different cuts of the movie there's always something new to see but it always seems to surprise me or make me think in different ways. The last speech of Roy Batty is just so iconic and so beautiful, I can't help but want to learn more about him as he's such an interesting character who has experienced and feels so much, he really makes you question what it means to be human.

Almost Human was such a good series and even though it was cancelled after just one series I still really miss it. Dorian was one of my favourite characters and I found his developing story to be quite interesting even though it was very short lived. I also loved his humour and his relationship with Kennex (Karl Urban), they had such amazing chemistry together and made a great team. If you haven't watched Almost Human yet then I totally recommend it it's such a good series and a novel take on the "buddy cop" genre.

So technically Genos is a cyborg BUT it's kinda up for debate as he seems to be more robot than actual human and he also acts that way to which is what I really like about him. I can't believe it took me so long to watch One Punch Man but I love the series so much and while I think Saitama is pretty damn awesome Genos is probably my fave but part of that is because of his strange yet adorable relationship with Saitama, I totally want me a Genos he seems like such an awesome friend.

I'm really pushing the definition of "droid" with this one but I had to include it because I thought it was so different. Her is one of my absolute favourite movies and I thought I was a really interesting concept about the developing relationships between humans technology in not just practical ways but emotional ways to. Although "Samantha" has no physical body she has a fully developed personality and growing emotions to which I found really unique because the love that develops between the characters although completely "synthetic" with no physical base seems more pure and genuine than some human relationships. Samantha also helps Theodore grow as a character giving him confidence and teaching him how to be a happier person and I just think that is so beautiful.

Be sure to let me know your favourite androids in the comments!
Love & Robots

22 March 2017

Tips on Learning a New Language

the flag

It's been a year since I decided to move to Thailand and learn Thai and it has been the best experience ever. Although I am half Thai and I've visited family here almost every year my language skills were not the best but now it's much better and now I sometimes feel that my Thai is much better than my English! Learning a new language can be very daunting and you often don't know where to start so here are a few things I've learned on my quest to become multi-lingual.

Classroom Blues
Take Lessons
Learning a new language at home on your own is entirely possible but I would always recommend you take at least a few formal lessons as having an outsider to correct your pronunciation or grammar will help you become more confident and fluent.

Ipad with flickr colors^^
Make foreign friends
There's only so much you can learn from books so the best way to learn a language is to make a friend in that language as they can teach you how to sound more like a native and correct your mistakes. Making foreign friends can be hard but there are all sorts or websites and apps now that can connect you to others who want to learn your language so make that connection.

Music, TV, Books and Movies
One of the best ways I've found to pick up a language is to watch a lot of foreign TV! Most of my Japanese and Korean I picked-up from watching anime and drama and it's a good entertaining alternative to lessons, I find if I'm enjoying something I'm more likely to learn and want to learn more and it's a great feeling to be watching or listening to something and actually understand it rather than relying on subtitles and you also learn little things about the culture of that language to.

Chinatown @ Night
Immerse yourself!
Probably the best way to become fluent in a language is to completely immerse yourself in that language and culture, finding yourself completely surrounded in a foreign culture will quickly help you pick it the language and get understood. I know it may not be possible for everyone to just pack their bags and move abroad to study but there are ways you can do that at home such as the tips I've discussed above, TV, books, movies and foreign friends are always a big help as long as you have a some exposure to the language you'll definitely learn something new.

Book Worm
Do a little bit everyday
If you really want to get fluent practice is key so don't slack off do a little bit everyday whether it be learning a single word or letter, watching a short lesson video on YouTube or listening to a podcast as long as you're consistent things will begin to sink in faster than you know it.

Love & Mochi

16 March 2017

Anime Series I'm Watching and Loving!

♥ marce

During my stay in the UK I made the most of my time indoors hiding away from the cold weather by catching up on anime. There are so many series on my to watch list I don't know when or even if I'll ever catch up to the latest season but nevermind at least I'll never be short of new things to watch. I've watch quite a lot of series but I've just listed five of my favourites be sure to let me know if you've watched them and what your thoughts were on them.

One Punch Man is totally worth the hype! I have to admit when I first heard about this anime I thought it was just another sports anime but I happened to catch the series finale on TV whilst I was in Japan and it was not at all what I expected but in the most amazing way. If you're bored of the usual hero fights villains, hero saves the day stories then you need to watch this because it pokes fun at all those tropes in a really amusing way. I absolutely adore Saitama and Genos (they have the best friendship) and I love all the other heroes and their hilarious hero names, I definitely want to be a saikyou hero!!

ユーリ!!! on ICE
It seems like everyone is obsessed with this anime so I had to give it a watch even though sports anime series aren't really my fave but I am an ice skating fan and it's probably the only sport I really watch so I gave it ago and although I'm not in love with it like many people I did think it was sweet and I enjoyed it although I would have loved to have seen more about the other skaters but I suppose the series is called Yuri on Ice, obviously I'm a fan of the Thai skater Phichit not just because he's Thai but he happens to train in a mall in Bangkok which is right next to my house and I've known my whole life... maybe I'll have to go skating there soon!

Sailor Moon was probably the first anime I was obsessed with even before I knew what anime was and now it's back and there's so much amazing merchandise (especially the make-up line) I could not be happier. I'll admit it has taken me forever and a day to get round to watching the anime remake but I finally did and I love it because it brings back such fond memories of the original series and my childhood, I hope they make a new series soon!

I love cats and I love bananas so a series all about cute little cats that live inside bananas and want to become choco-bananas is definitely something I'm into. I've been seeing these plushies around Thailand a lot lately and thought it was the latest San-X offering (kinda like Nyan Nyanko) but after some random googling I found out it's an anime and it's SO KAWAII and ridiculous but I love it, it kinda reminds me of the Gudetama and Kogepan cartoons they used to make, short but extremely cute.

If you're a Yuri on Ice fan or a cheerleader fan then definitely check this anime out. I admit I actually liked this one a lot more than Yuri on Ice because it wasn't as gratuitously "fan servicey" (which I found kinda cringe) and the relationships between the characters seemed more sincere and developed although the actual sports in this "sports anime" seems to be more of a side note, I think more screen time is given to them eating tonkatsu than cheerleading, but it's a very feel good anime about how each characters uses cheerleading as a way to overcome their past insecurities so if you're looking for a pick me up then check this one out.

What anime are you watching now?
Love & Onigiri

04 March 2017

Korean Beauty Haul & Review Part 1 (Etude House)

Since moving to Thailand I've become even more obsessed with Korean beauty products! There are lot's of places in Thailand that you can find Korean beauty products for sale from small market stalls to flagship stores in gigantic shopping malls. Etude House is one of my favourite brands and opened their flagship store last June in Siam Square's Digital Gateway in the center of Bangkok and I am a regular visitor there so I thought I would film a video showing some of the things that I've bought there and all the amazing freebies I got to.

I've listed all the products I've mentioned below and linked to where you can buy them where possible, some of the links are affiliated so if you click on them and by them I get a small commission. Also here's one of the sources I found about Etude House and their animal testing policies and if their products contain harsh chemicals or not which I briefly touched on in the video because I want to make an effort to use more natural based and cruelty free products and I like that Etude House are making an effort to be cruelty free and animal friendly.

 Products Mentioned 

*Eye & Lip Remover - http://amzn.to/2kwfR7H 
*Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream - http://amzn.to/2kwendF
*Baking Power B.B Deep Cleansing Foam - http://amzn.to/2kRGzv9
*AC Clean Up Cleansing Water - http://amzn.to/2kwgtu1
*AC Clean Up Gel Lotion - http://amzn.to/2kwqcAr
*Bamboo Sheet Mask - http://amzn.to/2kRZ8PJ
*Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask - http://amzn.to/2kIKsQB
*Tea Tree Sheet Mask - http://amzn.to/2kw7nh6
*AC Clean Up Cushion - http://amzn.to/2kwlySZ
*Tint My Brows Gel - http://amzn.to/2lPn9Ve
*Drawing Eye Brow - http://amzn.to/2kIVvsV
*Lash Perm Volume Mascara - http://amzn.to/2lJIcMK
*Curl Fix! Mascara - http://amzn.to/2kwxfcp
*Dear My Blooming Lips-talk - http://amzn.to/2kIY4uV
*Sweet Recipe Candy Stick - http://amzn.to/2kp3jUC
*Big Cover Cushion Concealer - http://amzn.to/2kIUFMB
Play 101 Stick #10 - http://bit.ly/2kwk9Mo
Play 101 Stick Color Contour Duo - http://bit.ly/2lirqmY
*Snowy Dessert Ginger Cookie Contour Maker  - http://amzn.to/2lJM5lb
My Little Nut Colorful Scent Perfume Hand Cream Set - http://bit.ly/2lP9E7Q
My Little Nut Kissful Lip Care Set - http://bit.ly/2lPbcPd
*Toning White C - http://amzn.to/2lJKxrd
*Moistfull Collagen - http://amzn.to/2kp3i35
*Zero Sebum Drying Powder - http://amzn.to/2kwpi7l
Gold Darling +Absolute Cream  - http://bit.ly/2lP6OzG
(*Contains affiliate links)

Thanks for watching & be sure to stay tuned for part 2 of my haul
Love & Lipstick

28 February 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (February 2017)


February has been all about settling back into daily life in Thailand, I definitely feel like this is my home now and I'm so thankful for the nice sunny warm weather here. I've done a lot of exploring this month and I'm feeling inspired again so hopefully they'll be some interesting content posted soon but for now enjoy the links below and happy reading.

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Love & Ice Coffee

15 February 2017

Inspirational Quotes #83

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
- Jack Canfield

10 February 2017

5 Fandom Friday: Galentine's Day Gifts

YEY FANDOM FRIDAY IS BACK!! This week we're sharing out 5 favourite Galentine's Day gifts which is a whole new concept to me but one I really love because my "gal pals" definitely deserve some love this Valentine's season to in fact I'll take any excuse to spoil my awesome friends because they all deserve it! It has been waaay too long since my last 5 Fandom Friday post and If you don't know what 5 Fandom Friday then head on over to the Female Geek Bloggers group and check it out and join in, I really want to start doing them again because I miss being an active part of the group which always have some really interesting topics to talk about so hopefully you'll see more of these posts soon, maybe not weekly but at least monthly 

♥ Yankee Candles - I find that if I'm feeling stressed or want to relax one of the things that helps is to light a scented candle so I figure I would share the love with my girlfriends because y'all need to treat yo' self!

♥ Notebook - Whether you need to write your thoughts down, write your next awesome novel or just your weekly shopping list notebooks are great gifts, super cute and really useful to.

♥ Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack - Etude House make my favourite cute cosmetics and they work wonders on my skin so what better way to relax and treat yourself than with a super cute facemask.

♥ Rat Queens - This is one of my fave "Girl Power" comics which I know I've mentioned several times before but I want everyone to read it because it's awesome, fun and crass all at the same time.

♥ Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Speaking of awesome, fun and crass things I recently re-discovered one of my fave anime series, it's like Powerpuff Girls on crack and I love it especially the dubbed version which is done so perfectly you'd think it wasn't an anime at all!

Love & Bubble Tea

31 January 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (January 2017)

A Global Perspective

I'M HOME!! After a very cold January back in the U.K. catching up with family and friends I'm back in Thailand and excited for the year ahead, now life is a bit more settled here I definitely want to get back into blogging and I'm feeling more inspired to do so hopfully I can bring all these plans and ideas I have into fruition soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone I hope 2017 is a happy and healthy year for you all xoxo


The Witness

sometimes people are beautiful...

Love & Ice Cream

20 January 2017

5 Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving

Outside The KTV

Since moving to Thailand I've been exposed to more Asian TV and where as before I would spend my nights catching up on the latest import from America I'm now watching the latest Lakorn (Thai Dramas) or imports from Korea and I have to say I actually enjoy them a lot more than I thought I would because they're just fun and relaxing to watch, I mean compared to my usual TV faves such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead these Asian dramas are REALLY tame but sometimes you just need something sweet to calm your brain so here are a few of my faves.

Misaki has been so focused on her career as a pastry chef she hasn't dated for a long time, then one day she gets fired from her job and bumps into her first love, Chiaki who offers her a summer job as his restaurant and a place to stay with him and his two brothers. Romance is not usually my thing (although I admit I watch a fair amount) but I found this drama really endearing and sweet. I really loved the chemistry between the actors, Misaki is super cute and funny and the boys... well lets just say it's hard not to fall for their charms they're both good looking and completely charming, can I have one please? There's also a fair amount of foodporn in this drama to with it being based around a restaurant and I found myself getting hungry numerous times watching it, I would love to try all those yummy cakes if I could.

The U-Prince series follows these elected "Princes" (basically handsome boys) from different departments in this elite university on their quest for love and this is the 3rd instalment of the U-Prince series and my favourite so far because DINOSAURS! I absolutely loved T-Rex he's so adorably geeky in his T-Rex hoodie and anyone who loves dinosaurs that much is a big win in my book plus unlike some of the other "Princes" he's a complete sweetheart even when his crush is ใจร้าย (mean). Fun fact about this drama is that my cousin actually has a small part in it which was a nice surprise for me to see, so of course now I'm going to be nagging her to get me a part in it to and to also let me know where they got those awesome dinosaur hoddies because I need one in my life already!

This drama is basically the Korean version of The Little Mermaid as it's a love story between a human (Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid (Jun Ji-hyun) which spans from olden times to the modern day. I'll admit that Lee Min-ho was my main reason for checking this out but I definitely stayed for Jun Ji-hyun who plays the mermaid because I love how kooky she is and the pair have really great chemistry. I can't wait to watch more of this drama as I normally wait until a drama is over to binge watch it but this one I just couldn't wait to see and I couldn't to recommend so definitely check it out!

Most Asian dramas I watch tend to be romance based and although I watch a lot it's not my favourite genre so when I discovered this one (thanks to my husbando staring in it) I was happy for the change. This drama follows a retired jazz player who joins a school full of delinquents and inspires them to change their ways and follow their dreams by joining the school's brass band. It's such a sweet story and there are so many touching moments it had me smiling from ear to ear, I think everyone needs a sensei like this in their lives, so if you're feeling a little low about life and totally uninspired this is the drama to watch to get you inspired and back on your feet.

This drama reminded me a lot of Dream High 2 (but more on that in another post) in that there are a few KPop stars I recognise in it (VIXX!!) and it centers around a school who's focus is not on solely academics but martial arts, personal growth and discovery, and of course there's romance in it to. Although this drama didn't do well with its ratings and was cut short I enjoyed it as it had a multi-national cast which brought a nice element to the drama and also some supernatural twists which made it different to other "high school" dramas and made it more interesting to watch oh and did I mention VIXX!!

Love & Strawberry Cake
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